The practice of American artist Nora Martin-Hall (b. 1988, Whittier, California) spans a range of artistic media and visual imagery dabbling in photorealism, illustration, sculpture and fabrication.
Forgoing art school in favor of a tattoo career, Martin-Hall credits two consecutive traditional tattoo apprenticeships starting at 16-years-old as an adequate art education. Seeing the once fringe medium of tattooing transition into mainstream, Martin-Hall exited the industry in her early 20’s to pursue a career in painting and sculpting.
Martin-Hall’s work is known for a quirky, playful aesthetic grounded in traditional representational painting and drawing. Nora mines a vast pool of personal interests ranging from Southern California culture and biology to drag queen aesthetics to make statements on consciousness, alternate realities, and identity.
Martin-Hall has exhibited work in Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Palm Springs, with works in private collections in the United States, Japan, Sweden, Canada, England, and Turkey. In addition to her art career, Martin-Hall is a hobby banjoist, spearfisherman and rock climber. She lives and works in Los Angeles.